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About Us

  Welcome to Mellow love care daycare. we are a home daycare or in-home daycare located in Aurora, York region. We are two Iranian sisters who love education and teaching children and both have bachelor's in early childhood education. We have a capacity of 5 kids daily and all families are welcome. This program will enable us to give more one-on-one attention to the children in our care. We specialize in child care for children ages one month to five years. Our goal is to provide a loving fun and safe learning environment for your child while encouraging social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.Your child will receive quality personal and individualized Care in a warm and loving home where they  feel safe and happy and can begin to build confidence and positive self-image.Our spacious main floor home, with a lot of sunlight designed to provide an energetic home atmosphere. Our playroom areas will allow a fun time for your children and us. We can ensure an easy to go home daycare to help both you the parents and more importantly the kids.   




we will ensure that your child will receive NON-GMO foods and fruit, and will follow the Canadian food guide, for our children's health sake

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Diverse Kindergarten

we do not serve hamburgers, no hotdogs, chicken nuggets, and pizza.
strictly homemade and whole-grain foods.
protein foods.
plenty of vegetables and fruit.
making water first choice of drink.


Practical life exercises

Simple and attractive materials in trays or containers give children the opportunity to do sorting, spooning, pouring, sponging, polishing, basting, cutting, grating, whisking etc. It provides them to develop muscle control and eye-hand coordination. Activities such as dressing frames, sweeping, crumbing and washing help children to take care of themselves as well as the environment. It also helps them to expand their level of concentration for learning, to have a sense of order and to accomplish tasks independently.

sensorial activity

Special sensitivity to sensorial impressions develops during preschool years. Sensorial activities help children develop their senses and powers of observation. This enhances their readiness for greater work. Sensorial activities are designed to develop a child’s sense of taste, sight, touch, smell and hearing. Advanced sensorial activities aim at developing the child’s sense of balance and concepts such as short and long, thin and thick, small and big, smooth and rough and various shades of color.


Language spans every area in a good environment from verbal skills, visual perception and learning the phonetic alphabet which leads to printing, spelling and reading. With the use of movement from tracing sandpaper letters to manipulating the movable alphabet, children learn to build words. A complete reading system helps the child to gain understanding that sounds can be blended together to form a word.


Songs, finger play, action rhymes and games help children develop their sense of rhythm and pitch, and improve focus, muscle coordination and group interaction. These activities help them to develop their understanding of basic concepts such as singing in tune, timing, beat and the use of percussion instruments. Movement, mime and improvisation help bring out the best of their imagination.


Children learn to express their feelings and emotions in a safe way through Art. It helps them to practice and gain fine muscle control and strengthen eye-hand motor coordination by holding paintbrushes and learning how to control paint, crayons, scissors, and other art tools. Children gain the skills necessary for writing activities as well as a feeling of control over themselves and their world. Children develop awareness of colors, shapes, forms, lines, and textures as they try to express themselves through Art.

other activities 

other activities can very such as dance, special yoga and more.


Contact Us

CALL US NOW: 416-844-3523

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Mellow Love Care Mission

Our mission is to provide a creative, challenging and nurturing environment that responds to the child’s individual needs and inherent love of learning. We believe this approach encourages independence, confidence and a sense of purpose. We endeavor to develop responsible, respectful and resourceful individuals who support our vision of a better future.


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